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Then & Now: Pickerington-Violet Township


 Violet Township was incorporated in 1808. The name “Violet” was selected because of the abundance of violet-colored wildflowers blooming in the area. In 1811, James Looker purchased 80 acres of land in Violet Township which he subsequently transferred to his son-in-law, Abraham Pickering. Some of the first pioneer settlements were on these 80 acres along the banks of Sycamore Creek. On September 15, 1815, Abraham Pickering filed a plat for a new town which he called Jackson Ville (see image of town's first plat at left). Twelve years later, town residents petitioned to have the name changed to Pickerington. 

By 1865, Pickerington consisted of approximately 37 buildings and 150 people. A railroad was completed through town in 1879 resulting in a flurry of construction and growth. In 1881, Pickerington was incorporated as a “Village”. Its first Mayor was John F. Bauer, and the first ordinance passed provided for the levying of taxes. 

The next major growth spurt of Pickerington occurred after the completion of Interstate 70 in 1968. Pickerington officially was designated a “City” on April 20, 1991 as its population exceeded 5,000 residents. Currently – in 2020 – approximately 21,201 people reside within the Pickerington City Limits according to U.S. Census estimates. 

Following are some "Then & Now" photos and captions of historic events and structures in Pickerington-Violet Township.